The FATCAT result for comparing 1ufhA with 1gheA

How to read the FATCAT result?

(Structure pairs with probability < 0.05 are significantly similar)

  1. The two structures are significantly similar with P-value of 7.47e-09 (raw score is 304.55)
  2. The structure alignment has 143 equivalent positions with an RMSD of 2.64, with 1 twist. View the alignment file
  3. View the graph of FATCAT chaining result (download the postscript file)
  4. View the superposition of the two structures (a pdb file in which structure 1ufhA is in chain A, and modified structure 1gheA is in chain B)

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Contact: Yuzhen Ye
Godzik Laboratory, The Burnham Institute.
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