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Finding structural neighbors by FATCAT

This server is to provide a searching interface for Flexible Structural Neighborhood (FSN), a database of structural neighbors of proteins as seen by FATCAT - a flexible protein structure alignment program. The server accepts either a protein (PDB ID) or a domain (SCOP ID) as a query. For the former case, the server first displays the information of chains and domains of a given protein. Afterwards, users can retrieve similar structures for a domain (if domain information is available, i.e., the protein is collected by SCOP), or for a chain otherwise. The protein structure database we collected for similar structure search includes a representative set at 90% sequence identity of SCOP domains, and of up-to-date PDB entries that are not included in the latest release of SCOP. Please click here for more information about FSN.

Please try the server using the default PDB/SCOP ID or your own ones.

PDB ID:  search against database   
A PDB ID is a 4-charactors code for a protein assigned by Protein Data Bank. Please check PDB ID for more information.
SCOP domain ID:  search against database   
A SCOP domain ID(sid) is the SCOP identifier assigned by SCOP for a domain.
Note: the precalculated databases only included a non-redundant list of domains.
Please click on SCOP169_90(11129) or SCOP175_40(10569) to see the list of domains that are included.
SCOP domain ID:  search against SCOP    please input scop code       
Retrieve structure alignments for a certain SCOP fold, superfamily or family:
Please input a scop code    
A scop code is a classifier assigned by SCOP for a group of structurally related proteins. For example, "a.1" is the scop code for Globin-like fold.
To find the hierartical classification of all proteins assigned by SCOP, please go to here.

** Try this page if you want to use the whole PDB database (to detect conformational changes among same/homologous proteins)
Citation: Zhanwen Li, Yuzhen Ye and Adam Godzik. "Flexible Structural Neighborhood - a database of protein structural similarities and alignments." Nucleic Acids Res., 34(Database issue):D277-80, 2006.

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